At the request of Farmaajo, Eritrea dismisses  future deployment of it’s troops to Somalia

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In response to negative public feedback on the possible deployment of Eritrea troops to Somalia, the president of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo requested from his counterpart to publicly dismiss the media report on the plans to send Eritrean troops to Somalia to replace Amisom forces.

Government official who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “President Farmaajo is deeply concerned about pubic backslash resulting from  the reports circulating in Somali media that as part the deal President Isaias entered with President Farmaajo in Ethiopia, Eritrea is to deploy troops to support the government in Mogadishu”.  He added “prominent clans such as Hawiye clan believe that the Eritrean troops will be backing up President Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmaajo” and not  expected to wage a war against Al-Shabaab”

Yesterday, the Government of allegedly has denied a report claiming that an agreement had been made between the Red Sea country, Ethiopia and Somalia to send troops to the latter to replace the Amisom troops. The statement of denial was made through local NGO based in Asmara. Official statement  is yet to be released!

“the Ethiopian and Eritrean Presidents (sic?)  have indicated to their Somalian counterpart… their willingness to take over from AMISOM when it departs in 2021…..Eritrea is planning to dispatch 5,000 soldiers to Somalia as soon as the first AMISOM contingents leave in February” the report by Indian Ocean Letter partly said.

Eritrea has dismissed the report that was published on 21 December as “wild allegation”.