AMISOM Deputy Mr. Malungo Accuses FSG of Working With and Concealing Al-Shabab.

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Whilst horrific explosions are consuming Mogadishu, AMISOM blamed the FSG for working with al-Shabaab and hiding it. Bragging that the blasts will continue, AMISOM Deputy Force Commander, Mr Simon Malungo, posted on his twitter account a statement accusing the FSG of camouflaging Al Shabaab and betraying AMISOM.

When this large-scale accusation comes from a top official within AMISOM, it appears to have a clear evidence. A high-ranking official does not speak on such a level and cannot say anything without proof. Therefore, the Somali government is required to come clean or take the necessary steps to avoid working with the enemy of the people.

Really, it is sad that the FSG is suspected of working with Al Shabaab, according to Mr. Malungo, to kill the Somali people, especially the people of Mogadishu.

The AMISOM forces in Somalia are about 20,000 Soldiers who get paid lavishly and each military personnel receives about $1150 per month, while the Somali counterpart soldier get paid $100 to $200 per month. And this is painful when you are a patriot who loves his country.

Since the arrival of the Farmajo there has not been acceptable operations of AMISOM because of the poor policies of Farmajo’s government and the clever plan by the AMISOM leaders to keep away their soldiers from fighting Al-Shabab.

If Al-Shabaab is defeated, AMISOM believes their mission is over therefore, they will not carry out operations to defeat Al-Shabaab unless the FSG insists and takes the leadership of defeating Al-Shabab.

Somali people are grateful to AMISOM and celebrated the operations conducted with the government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud that liberated all the major cities in the South.

But today FSG and AMISON are pointing fingers at each other and no major city is liberated, even though about 20,000 AMISOM troops are stationed in Somalia, though some say the number is about to 23,000 troops. If the salary/wages of an AMISOM soldier is about $1150, then in total they receive $23,000,000 per month. If only one-third of the money was given to the Somali army, al-Shabaab would have been defeated within days and cross the border or surrendered.

Irrefutably, AMISOM Deputy Force Commander Simon Malungo is required to provide the evidence for the above statement and the FSG must clear its name.

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