Al-Shabab from Gedo region are suspected kidnapping of two Cuban doctors in Mandera Kenya

Terrorist organization al-Shabab is suspected of kidnapping two Cuban doctors in an ambush that left a police bodyguard dead in Mandera, Kenya. Assel Herrera Correa, a specialist in general medicine, and Landy Rodriguez Hernandez, a surgeon, were taken early Friday morning while on their way to work at Mandera Hospital.

In March 2019, 100 of Marehan Clan Militia that was illegally integrated into the Somali National Army defected after Kenyan troops who were part of AMISOM mission in Somalia pulled out of the town and joined with Al-shabab in Gedo region.

Information from a reliable source has confirmed for MOL that those SNA who have recently taken allegiance with Al-Shabab have crossed the Kenyan border with Somalia and abducted the two Cuban doctors from Mandera and crossed the border through BeledHawa. This is believed to be a retaliation of Kenya defense forces’ withdrawal from bases in Gedo region to lower Jubba.

It is believed that the acting head of National intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Mr. Fahad Yassin and director of foreign affairs and intelligence unit of NISA Mr. Zakaria Ismail (both had past connections with Al-shabab) have collaborated with the abduction by providing intelligence and logistics support to Al-shabab.

MOL has received information that Mr. Fahad Yasin and Mr. Zakaria Ismail are in contact with elders of Gedo Region who are dealing with Al-Shabab to secure the release of the Cuban doctors, in order to change the negative perception on Fahad Yassin and Zakaria Ismail among international and regional partners and to give image makeover on the negative reputation of NISA.


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