Adorable baby giraffe born at Six Flags is 4th calf in Wild Safari baby boom

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A female Somali giraffe born at Six Flags Great Adventure earlier this year is the fourth calf born at the New Jersey theme park in the past 12 months.

Sierra, who arrived on June 2, is being raised by her mother Muraya and already weighs 200 pounds. She stood about six feet at birth and will likely grow to about 1,500 pounds, according to safari veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer.

Somali giraffes — also known as reticulated giraffes — are native to northeastern Kenya, southern Ethiopia, and Somalia. Their coats feature distinct red-brown patches divided by thin white lines.

“Their spots are unique like a fingerprint, which is how we can tell them apart,” Keiffer said.

Somali giraffes can stand and walk within an hour of birth. The animals even sleep and give birth standing, the veterinarian notes.

Baby Six Flags giraffe

Sierra, left and her mother Muraya at Six Flag Great Adventure in Jackson. Sierra was born June 2.Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags is now home to 12 giraffes. Phyllis, born in July 2019; Embu (October 2019) and Soda (November 2019) preceded Sierra.

The number of giraffes in the world has dropped by 40% over the past 30 years, meaning they are undergoing a “silent extinction event,” Six Flags said. Giraffes are categorized as “vulnerable to extinction,” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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