Acting S. West President warns ministers against use of public resource for campaigns

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The acting president of Southwest state Abdikadir Sharif Shekhuna has warned state ministers against misusing public property under their control and asked them to submit an inventory of all government property under their control.

Shekhuna who is also speaker of South West state assembly told Goobjoog News he had summoned the ministers for accountability and in preparation for the upcoming presidential elections.

Shekhuna noted he instructed the ministers to avoid use of public resources for political campaigns adding the meeting also explored security of the upcoming vote.

State president Sharif Sheikh Adan resigned last week and pulled out from the race slated for November 17 following a hard battle with the federal government. His resignation came hours after more than half of the state elections committee quit citing interference from the federal government.

Meanwhile security chiefs in Baidoa among them military heads and police alongside AMISOM troops held another meeting to discuss security of the upcoming poll.

Sources from the meeting said the security heads assigned roles for security around Baidoa town.