About Us

Muqdisho Online (muqdisho.online) is an independent Somali News site owned by Muqdisho Online. Established in 2016 by Somali journalist, Muqdisho Online is the largest Somali News site as of March 2017.

Muqdisho Online covers all the latest headlines in Somali news, politics and society. It also encourages a democratic, and extremism free Somalia. Muqdisho Online is updated on a minute-by-minute basis and also offers an exclusive and interesting reports.

Muqdisho Online is intended for the Somalis in the Horn of Africa and the world at large as well as other interested individuals and organizations. It has been designed to provide reliable up-to-date news reports, studies and analysis on current issues and problems of concern to the Somali people encompassing political, social and cultural fields.

Accordingly, MOL’s main mission is to produce and print for wider dissemination articles and commentaries of high journalistic standard that is fair, objective and free from extremism, bias or external influence. Muqdisho Online is committed to provide a platform that is engaging with diversity of opinion, political ideology and self-expression. Tolerance is a necessary ingredient for creativity and civility. Tolerance creates a melting pot of ideas where even the staunchest nemesis can agree to disagree. MOL’s board believes that tolerance fuels tenacity and audacity and therefore everyone’s opinion matters. As its name implies, Muqdisho (the capital) is spreading its wings far and wide so that its opulent content is shared across the globe.

Muqdisho Online main headquarter is in Mogadishu, Somalia, but the office remains anonymous, because of constant threats against its staff.

You can contact us: [email protected]